Santorini, the best island in Greece

Santorini is a world-famous island and one of the most glamorous celebrity destination in the world. I believe its reputation is justifiable with its idiosyncratic landscape formation and beautifully constructed resorts and buildings along its cliff. No one will ever debate its beauty and challenge its reputation.


Do i need to go with someone or a solo trip is fine at Santorini?

This is one of the question in my mind before i decided to visit Santorini alone. Many people mentioned it’s one of the most romantic gateway on earth and going with someone (you like/in love with) will enable the best experience. I have no doubt on this statement but it’s nothing wrong to do it as a solo trip, just like what i did too!


How to get around in Santorini, as an island?

I am actually quite bothered with this question before i reach Santorini because the information available in the website mentioning the taxi costs around 20 Euro per trip although the island is not that huge and public bus is congested during peak season.

I took a taxi from the airport to my accommodation because i am carrying a large luggage bag and I indeed paid 20 Euro for the transfer. If you are going to take public bus as a mode of transportation, i suggest you stay at Fira, the major town on the island where the main bus hub is, and it will solve your issue on transportation mode, either the connectivity to the key tourist spot or congestion on the bus. It’s because you will always get a seat easily when you on board the bus at the main hub.

The public bus fare is extremely economical comparing to the taxi, at the range of 1.80 to 3.00 Euro per trip. There are several routes connecting each other and you can view the route and time information as displayed on the information board, prominently at the bus stop. So, it’s pretty easy to commute on the public bus. No stress.

Of course, you can solve all your issues if you are going to rent a car or bike.


Staying at Fira, the main town of Santorini.

As mentioned earlier, I am staying at Fira to ease my concern. It’s not the venue providing the best panoramic view, but it offers great convenience where many shops are available and a bustling place at peak hour. To give you an idea what do i mean by this statement, you can see the photos below illustrating the panoramic view observed from Fira terrace.

Buildings on the cliff of Fira


Sunset view from Fira Panoramic terrace


Night view of Fira


Firostefani, famous blue dome church venue

Firostefani gains its popularity due to its famous blue dome church. I am sure many visitor would like to come here to snap a photo with this famous blue dome church and admiring the breathtaking view obtainable from this venue. Does the famous blue dome church below ring a bell?

Beautiful and famous blue dome church in Firostefani


The panoramic view offered at Firostefani is just mesmerizing


Do not forget to spend some time to explore Firostefani


Imerovigli, the best panoramic view venue

In my humble opinion, Imerovigli offers the best panoramic view in Santorini. Of course, different people will have their own preference and you might beg to differ. I would think the sea facing resort would pacify your mind and calm your soul when you are relaxing in this atmosphere with such stunning view. Take a look at the photo below and you might agree with me?

Beautiful blue dome church with a bell tower facing the sea


Beautiful juxtaposition of resorts and hotels along the cliff


Interesting pathway, ubiquitous at Imerovigli


Oia, a short name for a romantic place

Oia is such a short and not so simple name for one of the most romantic place in Santorini. The pronunciation of this place is Ia instead of Oia. It crowns the most romantic place in Santorini due to its world best sunset view. Oia is also one of the most picturesque place in Santorini due to its idiosyncratic and beautiful juxtaposition of buildings, hotels, resorts, restaurants at the cliff. Have a look on these photos below, are you falling in love with Oia just by browsing through the photos?

Colorful side and beautiful view of Oia


Monotone side of Oia


Take a closer look on Oia


Sunset moment


The most unfathomable event happening in Oia is people from all around the world is willing to squeeze within the tiny passageway just to witness the most beautiful sunset in the world! Someone said due to the 10x stronger magnetic field at this volcano island, promises made between couple is likely to be sustainable and they will be living together happily ever after… the magic of Santorini sunset?


The world best sunset view venue


This world best sunset view venue definitely provides you a reason to visit Santorini without any hesitation! If you notice, there are many ships on the sea that suddenly appeared from nowhere when it’s approaching the last moment of sunset and everyone just cheer in joy and heighten the excitement! Let me show you the last one minute of the sunset moment as below.



Now, tell me, do you still hesitating to pay a visit to Santorini?