Sauntering at Buda castle hill for a delightful expedition

Buda castle hill feature image

Buda castle hill is one of the most visited destination in Budapest. You can spend a wonderful day on this hill to admire all the beautiful heritage buildings. Its landscape allow all these majestic buildings to line up on the hill for a beautiful juxtaposition.

If you are coming from the Pest side of Budapest, it’s best to cross the Charles bridge to reach the funicular station located at the end of Buda side of Charles bridge, after the roundabout. I would recommend you to buy one way ticket instead of two way because you will be ending your visit at the other side of the hill and you don’t want to walk back to this funicular station. Unless you prefer to do so, the choice is on your hand.

The funicular ascending journey is a short trip.  Upon exiting from the funicular station at the top of the hill, you will see this building on your right hand side. The must visit two destination i am going to highlight in this article is located further away behind this building.

Matthias Church

Make sure you visit this church and its tower to have the best lookup point for a breathtaking Budapest city view. Guaranteed! But no money back because i don’t collect the entrance fee from you. Joking! I especially like the multi-colored tile roof that infuses the element of liveliness into the picture.

For the energetic visitor, climb up to the tower to claim your prize. It’s a guided trip and don’t worry on your stamina because there is a mid section pit stop along the climb for you to take a short break and learn about the history of the church. Continue to the top of tower when you are ready. You shall be amazed!

Of course, the feature image of this article is taken from the tower. Let’s explore some other breathtaking city view photo for your admiration.

Fisherman bastion

This bastion is another marvelous architecture for your subsequent admiration. Its mono tone design is its uniqueness. It surrounds one side of the Matthias church and provide an arena for the church colorful roof tile to stands out. Clever design. The right side of this bastion has been gazetted as a fine dining restaurant named as Halászbástya Étterem restaurant with a terrace providing excellent view of Budapest city.

Pleasant surprise

When i am leaving Buda castle hill, i am walking towards the descending path and noticed some professional are facing towards the hill taking photo or video shoot. It incites my curiosity to look back and capture another wonderful view of Buda castle hill as an epilogue of this unforgettable expedition.