How to search, select and secure the best deal hotel?

Agoda hotel booking website is my favorite website to book the hotel due to several reasons. First and foremost, it’s able to provide you the best comparison between available options to search, select and secure the best deal hotel, anywhere, anytime!

On top of that, its user friendliness bundled with multiple cool features are definitely worth mentioning. I’ll walk you through Agoda hotel booking website (it comes along with other facilities booking too) to illustrate to you why i am convinced to use this website to book my hotel.

To make this process even easier for you, i have incorporated the hotel booking menu at my website. You can easily identified the hotel booking tool and i will show you the step by step tutorial on how to harness the best from this tool in order to get the best deal hotel for your next trip!

Pay attention to all red rectangular box because it will helps to focus your concentration at the right spot.


Step 1: Enter a Destination or Property Name

This is the exciting moment for you to key in your dream vacation destination or Property Name (the name of the hotel if you have one in mind). I will use Bangkok as the destination in this tutorial for your easy reference. Of course, you can further refine the area within Bangkok. Let’s select Sukhumvit due to its popularity.

Upon completed Step 1, it will automatically go back to its main page displaying the entered destination.


Step 2, 3 and 4: Select Check-in Date, Check-out Date and Press OK

When you click the Check-in Date button in step 2, it will automatically display the calendar for your accurate date selection. You can scroll the calendar up or down to see other months possibility. As step 3, let’s select 9th as the Check-in Date and 12th as the Check-out Date for this tutorial.

The blue colored OK button will automatically calculate the Nights of stay based on your selected Check-in and Check-out Date. Pretty smart, right? I usually use this smart feature to confirm my date range selection is indeed correct. As step 4, press the OK button now.

Upon completed Step 4, it will automatically go back to its main page displaying the selected Check-in and Check-out Dates.


Step 5, 6 and 7: Select the quantity of Room and Guest in each room and press Search

Now, you definitely know how many room you need to book and how many guest is allotted to each of the room. As step 5, click on the room/guest selection button and it will automatically expands the menu to room, adult and children quantity selection.

Click the minus (-) button on the left side to decrease the quantity and the plus (+) button on the right side to increase the quantity in all Room, Adult and Children menu. Children is at zero by default.


For this tutorial, let’s consider you are having a honeymoon with your other half. As step 6, you will click the plus (+) button on the right side in Adult menu to increase the quantity to two instead of one by default.

As step 7, press the Search button now.

Upon completed Step 7, it will automatically leads you to the complete Agoda hotel booking website to continue the rest of the steps with its robust cool features.


Entering into Agoda hotel booking website

Once you reach this website, you are able to access to its complete smart features and tools to compare all the choices you are empowered to select your desired hotel. As you can see from the below screenshot, the top ribbon will reflects your entered details automatically.


I am especially inclined to the bottom ribbon, whereby you can tailor your preference at your finger tips, inclusive of the price per night (matching to your budget), star rating (according to your comfort level) and guest rating (real customer rating for candid review).

These powerful features allow you to nail down to the very specific area of your requirement.


If you zoom closer to the search result, there are several colorful tags which you can maneuver your cursor onto it to display its details. For example, if you point a the options tab, it will shows you the booking options included free cancellation and book now, pay later!

These great features convinced me that Agoda really cares about it customer because it is helping the customer to have absolute control on their booking and you basically are risk free to change your mind later! Pretty cool, right?


My favorite “SEE MAP” tool embedded in Agoda hotel booking website

I really love this “SEE MAP” tool because it helps me so much in my vacation planning. Everyone will feel unsafe and insecure to walk into a totally strange area. With this tool, you can ease your insecurity by studying the area in advance via the embedded Google maps feature.


To access into this smart feature, just click on the “SEE MAP” button, an embedded google map will be pops up almost instantly displaying the property location and its price.


You can even maneuver your cursor on top of its price tag to call out more details, such as the hotel names, its quality benchmark and others.

With this smart feature, you are empowering yourself to discover and compare all available options with its proximity to your target or anchor point, be it your must visit point of interest or its adjacent landmark for your easy reference prior reaching to your destination.

Satisfy with your search result and ready to select your preferred hotel?

Once you have play enough with these smart tools, it’s time for you to take action and preventing yourself being trapped in the analysis paralysis plateau. It happens sometime to me because Agoda hotel booking website are spoiling me with too much choices!

You can either continue your booking with facebook credentials or simply sign in with your account to fill in the details accordingly.


Once you have provided all the necessary information, it’s time for you to press the “Continue” button.


Next, Agoda hotel booking website will advance your booking to the next stage for payment details to confirm your reservation. All card information is fully encrypted, secure and protected by Agoda.

Upon filling up the payment details, you just need to press the “Book & Pay Now!” button to confirm your reservation.


Once your payment details has been verified, Agoda will issue you a hotel voucher for your record.

Congratulations! you have successfully completed your hotel booking at Agoda hotel booking website and be prepared to realize your exciting dream vacation!