St. Paul’s Cathedral lookout point to take your breath away

London St. Paul Cathedral feature image

London is a world class city offering you the best in class buildings ranging from the heritage to modern design. To admire this spectacular city view, St. Paul’s Cathedral lookout point would be your best choice. You can have a 360 degree view from this absolutely stunning lookout point!

The entrance

St. Paul’s Cathedral is easily accessible and manifest itself as one of the famous landmark in London. It’s a beautiful cathedral with skillfully crafted statues and sculptures in front of its entrance. You will easily recognize this from afar and spend a moment to admire this creation in awe.

The lookout point

You can spend sometime to admire its intricate interior before proceeding to the lookout point to admire the spectacular city view. The path to the top is rather easily accessible as compared to some other cathedral whereby you need to climb to the top of the tower via narrow spiral staircase.

There is another large void area under the dome whereby you will pass by before reaching to the lookout point. I find it interesting because not all cathedral allow you such accessibility to this area to admire the other side of the dome structure. Such engineering marvel i would comment.

Now let’s proceed to the most exciting path of this journey, lookout point at the top! Hold your breath because this spectacular city view is going to take your breath away!

I am really fascinated by the juxtaposition of the various type of buildings in London. If you are a fans of Gothic design buildings, it’s available in London. If you are a fans of modern architecture, it’s available in London too! The local Londoner like to coin the modern architecture with unique name, such as the walkie talkie, for a building you can guess!