Step by step Google Maps guide to plan your vacation

Google maps is definitely one of the greatest helping tool for my vacation planning. It never fail to amaze me on its accuracy and GUI (graphical user interface) friendliness. Perhaps i couldn’t realize my visit to so many countries without utilizing the Google map resources.

You just need to type google maps in your internet explorer and it will automatically leads you to Google maps. If you want to have direct one click access, you can click here. Let’s use London as our tutorial guide for your easy reference.

Pay attention to the red rectangular box to concentrate on the important point.


Step 1: Log into Google maps and enter your starting point/destination

The first page you see when you log into the Google maps will be depending on your log in location. As you can see in the photo below, it shows Malaysia map when i first logged in to Google Maps. I will start my journey from the nearest metro station, Tottenham Court Road Station in this tutorial.

Hence, i will enter Tottenham Court Road Station in the menu located at the upper left hand side and press enter. Google maps will instantly show your map according to the entered venue.


Step 2: Press Directions button to enter your starting point/destination

Your screen show be the same as below screenshot after you have entered Tottenham Court Road Station in the menu. Next, you will need to press the Directions button to enter your starting point/destination in relation to Tottenham Court Road Station.


Let’s choose Westminster Abbey as the venue you would like to visit from Tottenham Court Road Station. Hence, you will enter Westminster Abbey as your destinations. Google Maps will shows all possible methods to reach to your point. In the result, you can either take bus no. 24, train (tube in London) or drive your rented car.


However, you may note that the starting point and destination is in reverse order due to Google maps default logic is for the user to enter your destination first, and follow by starting point. I did this on purpose so that i can introduce another smart feature to you.

This smart feature allows you to reverse starting point and destination. You may press the reverse button as represented by two paralleled opposite directional arrow as shown below.


Upon pressing this reverse button, you will notice the starting point and destination has been reversed accordingly and the possible method also will be updated if applicable.

Here, i would like to introduce another smart feature. You can send directions to your phone, via text messages or email to your own mailbox for your easy reference. Pretty cool, right?

Step 3: Press Details button to obtain more information and exporting

If you are a details freak like me, you will definitely noticing the Details button for the train method. You can press the Details button for Google maps to show you all the stations name and time you would need to pass through before reaching to your destination.


I really love this feature because it ease my insecurity with this level of details and you can export this details either sending to your phone via text messages, share it on some other platform or print (save it in PDF format for your quick and easy reference when you are offline).

For the printing, you can choose print including maps or print text only.


Step 4: Add destination to your route

You can also add destination to your route! This is another smart feature i loved to use because i can practically plan out my whole day route almost effortlessly. To access this smart feature, you need to update your menu to driving/walking/cycling method.

Let’s select walking method in this tutorial as shown below. You can notice a “+” button representing Add destination will appears after you have updated your method.


Simply type London Eye as our additional destination and see the magic works! Wow, i realize i only need to walk for half an hour to reach London Eye from Westminster Abbey with its directional guide in the map. Similar like step 3, you can press the Details button to obtain more information.


The good news is you can add multiple additional destination to plan your entire day itinerary with this smart feature! This is especially useful if i want to know the exact location from point of interest to the next and its distance from each other for efficient time planning.

I hope you like this step by step Google Maps guide to plan your vacation and feel free to share it to your friends and family members!