Stunning Segovia, historic city of Spain

Segovia Aqueduct

Segovia really caught me in surprise! I experienced so much fun and excitement in this historic city. I am absolutely stunned upon reaching at its bus stop. The well maintained gigantic stone structure greeted me in awe! There are three point of interest when you explore into this tranquil town.

The Aqueduct

It’s the largest aqueduct i ever sighted and definitely inspiring! It’s few stories building high and you will not miss it for sure. You should be spending some time to admire this marvelous stone structure. Utterly intrigue and a wonder! Great resources must have been utilized to build up this aqueduct.

The Cathedral

This is one extraordinary cathedral design. My jaw almost dropped upon sighted this unique cathedral. Its exterior design is extremely interesting to me. Perhaps i am in love with these Gothic design cathedral. I found it’s majestic and fascinating.

Please make sure you climb up to the top of the tower to appreciate the tranquil view of Segovia. From the tower, you can look towards Alcazar Fortress, your next point of interest. It’s fun for you to have an overview of your next destination before reaching to it.

Alcazar Fortress

This fortress took my breath away. It’s definitely another marvel for you to admire. Stroll around the fortress to discover its unique charm. The tower at the entrance is built with a spacious terrace on the top. You can relax on the terrace while enjoying the view.

On the terrace, you can look back to the Cathedral. It provides you another beautiful view to admire its unique architecture. It’s quite fun to look back from a different perspective.


This is definitely one of the best outskirt day trip i ever had in my life. Segovia offers such calming and lovely landscape. I especially like how this town is designed, whereby the points of interest is being arranged in a nice walking pathway along your journey. Simple and easy to navigate from one stop to another.

Lastly, please take note on the bus schedule so that you won’t miss it.