Why i succumb to kindle e-book after reading 50 books

I started my book reading journey via the conventional method, buying paperback books from the local book store. It’s a common practice due to plethora of book stores available almost everywhere. However, i finally gave up this conventional method due to several reasons.

Where is my book?!

Does this furious lady look gave you a shock in this article? Yes, i am caught in a situation similar like this lady on one fine day where i forgot to bring my thick paperback book with me. I am practically wasting my time instead of indulging myself in reading pleasure.

How many of you encounter the same situation before? I think many because we can’t really know when we will have the luxury of time to read a book when our busy schedule suddenly becomes available due to unavoidable appointment rescheduling. Right?

This is the first and foremost reason for me to switch from paperback book to e-book, available anywhere and everywhere, whenever i need it.

Portability, Feature & Synchronization

This is the second reason for my switch over. With e-book, the content is portable and every page you read can be synchronized on different devices.

I don’t have a kindle reader but i downloaded kindle application in my iPhone and iPad. Hence, i am able to access to my e-book and continue reading from the page i stopped earlier. I can even read on my laptop using the kindle cloud reader website.

It also comes with several embedded feature, e.g. easy highlight on some words of wisdom that you want to refer back later and dictionary checking for some big words.

This gives me utmost confidence why reading e-book is my best reading method!


Amazon Kindle E-book store

Now, it comes to the reason why i choose Amazon Kindle E-book store. The reason is because it’s one of the biggest e-book store available. You can find a plethora of e-book from all genre you could possibly imagine and downloading the e-book you desire is extremely simple due to its friendly user interface.

Another bonus is the cost of e-book is much more lower than a paperback book. You can easily saves some bucks by translating into e-book reading. Although you will need to invest in a kindle or you can just capitalize on your existing smart gadget like iPhone and iPad via Kindle application.

This explains why i succumb to kindle e-book reading! Probably you should feel the same too?