Top 3 Breathtaking Paris city lookout point

Paris, the most romantic city in France, probably in the entire world too! One would love to admire this romantic city view from the top. Submerge yourself into the ambiance filled with romance and surround yourself with the lovely environment. Here comes the top 3 most spectacular Paris lookout point to realize your dream!


Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower is the most romantic icon in Paris, perhaps in the world. It’s the highest wrought iron structure in Paris and the mostly discussed icon related to romance, worldwide! Many marrying couple also enjoy taking their wedding photo shoot with this iconic landmark for their sweetest memory.

Another point worth highlighting is its fantastic city view over the Seine river from the lookout point located at the top of the tower. It’s a must visit lookout point to admire the unimaginable romantic city view. The only shortfall is you can’t view Eiffel tower in your perspective because you are standing on it!


Notre Dame Cathedral Tower


It’s definitively worthwhile to climb to the top of the tower to admire the romantic Paris city view. You will need to climb up via a spiral staircase like most of the cathedral tower accessibility method. Exercise a bit to claim the reward awaiting you on the top. Simply priceless!

Perhaps the gloomy weather during my visit has further enhanced the romance atmosphere in Paris. I can’t resist myself to fall in love with this romantic city. Wouldn’t you feel the same too? Please tell me you feel the same too because you are going to break my heart if you think Paris is not romantic for you.



Due to its location at the hilltop, it already possessed a great quality of a city lookout point at this high altitude. Upon climbing up to its lookout point, you are positioning yourself at a higher point to observe a beautiful city view. The city view offered by Sacre-Coeur is more serene as compared to the bustling area of Eiffel Tower.

You can also view the Eiffel Tower from afar in the city view because it’s not too far away from this district. It provides you another kind of feeling to admire this romantic tower from this distance. Some might prefer this city view instead of looking out from Eiffel Tower because you can’t capture it in the view while you are standing on it!

Let me know which one is your preferred lookout point and why?