Top 3 Istanbul Must Visit landmark at Sultan Ahmet Park

Istanbul is a vibrant city embedded with rich heritage trail. Its impressive architecture will leave you in awe and widen your perspective on the possibility of its religious inspiration. The top 3 must visit landmark, namely the Tokapi Palace Museum, Ayasofya/Hagia Sophia Museum and Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque are nested conveniently at the Sultan Ahmet Park. The near proximity between these 3 impressive architecture really elevate the atmosphere of this beautifully designed park.


Sultan Ahmet Park

It is a public square at the center of these 3 destinations, with a not to be missed giant fountain constructed at the core of this public square. You can notice many tourist or visitor will be surrounding this giant fountain for fantastic photo opportunity. To give you a sneak peep, just look at the photo below!

Who could miss this giant fountain?

There are benches installed around the fountain and even more when you walk nearer to the Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque. Look at the plethora of benches available for you to admire the majestic mosque right in front of you.

You may want to sit here and admire the majestic mosque?


Tokapi Palace Museum

To start your exciting visit, i strongly recommend starting with Tokapi Palace Museum to avoid the busy crowd of visitors pouring in very soon. It opens at 9 a.m. and you will need to pass through a security check at the main entrance as a usual procedure. The main entrance is easy to be identified as shown below.

Security check point before entering the palace

Inside the palace, you will find several interesting spots such as the Harem with a beautifully decorated main hall, functional specific hall displaying the equipment used in the olden times, intriguing narrow aisle and passageway. In my opinion, the 2 spot that must not to be missed is the beautifully decorated main hall located within the Harem, and the Golden rooftop breakfast pavilion overseeing Istanbul city view.

The Harem is definitely not to be missed!

Look at the astonishingly embellished main hall, you must not miss this spot in order to fully appreciate the magnificence of this architecture wonders.

Beautifully decorated main hall!

In my opinion, the breakfast pavilion located in this palace is definitely the most ideal breakfast pavilion you could ever find in Istanbul city. Who doesn’t adore this golden glittering roof pavilion with such breathtaking view?

Would you like to have your breakfast to be served here?

Of course, you can enjoy your leisure stroll within the palace to covers the remaining attraction too.


Ayasofya/Hagia Sophia Museum

Next, you should proceed to this jaw-dropping museum with Istanbul famous giant round dome roof. It is an important museum for Istanbul showcasing its glorious moment.

You will not miss this jaw dropping museum with giant round dome on the top

Upon entering the museum, you can notice part of the interior painting is deteriorating. I strongly believe the restoration endeavor will strengthen the preservation efforts. Remember to access to the first floor of this museum to have privileged view of this building as illustrated in the photo below.

Photo taken from the first floor of the museum


Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque

To appreciate Istanbul cultural richness, you should consider visiting Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque as well. It’s located at the opposite of Ayasofya/Hagia Sophia Museum. You just need to have a short walk over the park and you are there.

Walking towards the Mosque at the opposite side of the park

Do take note that due to religious reasons, you need to follow certain rules and regulations to enable entrance to the mosque. However, you should not have any worry at all because there is proper dressing place for you to get yourself prepared for the entrance.

Magnificent interior view of the Mosque

That’s the top 3 must visit Istanbul landmark that will entails an unforgettable memory and pleasure for a lifetime!