Top 5 London’s most interesting places to visit

London is the most exciting city of UK! It has so much to offers and everyone will finds its own liking within this wonderful city. I am going to list the top 5 most interesting places to visit in London in this article. It’s in random order because i am sure different people will have different preference.

Westminster Abbey and Palace

As shown in the feature image, this is one sizable abbey and the palace is world’s renown with its Big Ben tower. Gigantic clock face at the top of the tower and one of London’s most iconic landmark.

Inside the abbey, you can admire the hall whereby the coronation ceremony was held and the one and only Coronation chair. Such an important place in the history of British.

Another hidden secret inside the abbey is an interesting door. Guess what? It’s the Britain’s oldest door! Most likely constructed in the 1050’s for St. Edward the Confessor. Why don’t you make this adventurous door hunting as one of your itinerary in your next trip to London?


Buckingham Palace

This is another beautiful palace located in the heart of London. Your visit to this palace shall include the magnificent state rooms, fashioning a reign: 90 years of style from the queen’s wardrobe, the palace garden, the family pavilion with a multimedia tour. It’s definitely a must visit place in London!

For the ladies, the good news is you will definitely be impressed with the queen’s wardrobe collection, in her 90 years of fashioning a reign. Take some time to indulge yourself along the long hallway exhibiting her majesty’s collection. Plenty of surprises to be discovered inside the palace.

Tower of London

This is another heavily guarded London’s castle. It’s a castle with a lot of fun activities going on that is suitable for all age range of visitors. The famous Tower bridge is also just located next to this castle.

You might be wondering what is the main attraction of this castle? It would definitely be the impressive Crown Jewels collection! Prepare to bedazzled by its sparkling jewels collection, inclusive the most spectacular Crown Jewel, symbol of monarchy for the British.

St’ Paul’s Cathedral

Besides its beautiful exterior and interior architecture, one of its main attraction point is its lookout point at the top. You are able to observe a 360 degree unblocked panoramic view of London. Killing two birds with one stone to visit this majestic cathedral. It’s definitely a worthwhile visiting venue in your itinerary.

Here’s a sneak peak of the breathtaking London’s city view. You can see more of London’s city view taken from this lookout point in my other dedicated article on St’ Paul’s Cathedral by clicking the embedded link.

London Eye

After sightseeing so many heritage sites of London, let’s visit one of the modern architecture icon in London. Yes, it’s none other than the London Eye! It’s a gigantic Ferris wheel mounted along the river bank of Thames River.

Its futuristic oval shape passenger capsule is one of its kind and absolutely amazing. You can sight the spectacular city view through the transparent glass on the passenger capsule.

Here’s a sneak peak of the breathtaking London’s city view from the passenger capsule. You can see more of the photo taken from this Ferris wheel in my other dedicated article on the London Eye by clicking the embedded link.

Are you satisfy with these Top 5 London’s most interesting places to visit? Does it ignite your motivation to visit London in your upcoming vacation? Share more with me and enjoy your trip!