Top 5 Things to do in Budapest

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. It’s also one of the most populous city in Europe. I am sure you will find your liking in this wonderful place. It’s famous with its beautiful juxtaposition of the heritage buildings in Buda Castle hill, and its magnificent Hungary Parliament House.

Let me walk you through the top 5 things to do in Budapest.


Sauntering at Buda castle hill

Buda castle hill is one of the most visited destination in Budapest. You can spend a wonderful day on this hill to admire all the beautiful heritage buildings. Its landscape allow all these majestic buildings to line up on the hill for a beautiful juxtaposition. Make sure you visit the Matthias church and its tower to have the best lookup point for a breathtaking Budapest city view.

You must not miss the Fisherman bastion as another marvelous architecture for your subsequent admiration. Its mono tone design is its uniqueness. It surrounds one side of the Matthias church and provide an arena for the church colorful roof tile to stands out. Clever design.


Visiting the majestic Hungarian Parliament House

The majestic Hungarian Parliament House is one of Hungarian proudest nation treasure. You will definitely be amazed by the magnitude of this building when you are standing in front. Its marvelous architecture certainly astonish the visitor at its first sight.

This incredible building is embellish with excellent craftsmanship at its interior. You are allow to visit the interior of the Parliament House following a tour guide. Each slot is guided with one language only although several time slot are available. Make sure you select the correct time slot with your preferred language for a pleasant visit.


Admiring the beautiful bridges

The bridges in Budapest is uniquely designed. Each of the bridge scintillates its own charm. The most famous bridge is the Chain bridge. Nonetheless, i prefer the Liberty bridge due to its fairly tale alike design. I just fancy the bridge design and its color. It also brings me back to my childhood memory, whereby fairy tale stories are a mundane indulgence.

Of course, there are other nice bridges in Budapest for your exploration too!


Enjoy a night cruise on the River Danube

The River Danube cruise is a worthwhile ride. I choose to ride this cruise at night in order to admire a more romantic Budapest view when the buildings are lit in the orange ambiance. Look at the photos above, it definitely gives you another kind of feeling to admire the same building under different lighting condition.

There are may cruise available along the piers at the River Danube banks. You can choose the cruise with your favorite design. During the evening, some time slot is reserved for cruise with dinner on board. You may want to create a sweet dining experience on the cruise too.


Indulge yourself in local delicacy

Do not forget to indulge yourself in local delicacy because Hungarian dishes are delicious. Their most famous dish is the Goulash soup, a stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices. In my dining experience, i am surprised by the fish soup, as featured in the photo above because it’s so tasty and thick soup based.

I really satisfied my taste bud and appetite in Budapest. I am sure you will feel the same too!