Top 8 Must visit cathedral in Europe

Europe is blessed with magnificent cathedral establishment signifying the glory of its empire in the past centuries. It’s a wonder to step foot into all these majestic cathedral and admire its amazing architecture. One must visit the jaw dropping cathedral upon visiting Europe.

Let me walk you through top 8 must visit cathedral in each Europe countries covered in this article.

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral at Vienna, Austria

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the most iconic building in Vienna. This majestic cathedral is situated at the city center and easily accessible. It is also the best city lookup point in Vienna. You can admire this stunning city view upon reaching to the top of the tower.

Vienna’s building is uniquely adorned with different color roof tile. The amalgamation of heritage buildings with modern architecture contributes to the uniqueness of Vienna. How does it feel to breath on top of Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna while admiring the stunning city view? You will definitely appreciate this precious moment.

Saint Mark’s Basilica at Venice, Italy

One must visit St. Mark’s Square when you are in Venice. It’s the busiest place in Venice with a beautiful cathedral named as St. Mark’s Basilica. It’s design is very unique and its interior is intriguing. You can also climb on top to the cathedral roof for a panoramic view of St. Mark’s Square.

To visit this cathedral, you need to pay a visit to Venice. Hence, you are killing two birds with one stone. While admiring this beautiful cathedral, you can also spend a wonderful day in Venice. I guarantee your visit to Venice will definitely last you a life long memory.

St. Paul’s Cathedral at London, United Kingdom

St. Paul’s Cathedral is easily accessible and manifest itself as one of the famous landmark in London. It’s a beautiful cathedral with skillfully crafted statues and sculptures in front of its entrance. You will easily recognize this from afar and spend a moment to admire this creation in awe.

You can spend sometime to admire its intricate interior before proceeding to the lookout point to admire the spectacular city view. The path to the top is rather easily accessible as compared to some other cathedral whereby you need to climb to the top of the tower via narrow spiral staircase.

There is another large void area under the dome whereby you will pass by before reaching to the lookout point. I find it interesting because not all cathedral allow you such accessibility to this area to admire the other side of the dome structure. Such engineering marvel i would comment.

St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague, Czech Republic

This is the highest building in Prague castle. You can see its sky piercing tower from afar. It’s one of the most iconic landmark of Prague. Its rich in historical value and absolutely stunning with its intrigue architectural uniqueness. In short, it’s a majestic cathedral and jaw dropping creation.

Of course, one must visit the interior of this cathedral in order to fully appreciate what the cathedral can offers. I am one of the fan for intrigue European style cathedral and i am going to set foot into this majestic cathedral. I am absolutely in awe admiring its internal beauty!

Duomo di Milano at Milan, Italy

It’s a largest cathedral in Italy. Designed in Gothic style and absolutely stunning when you appreciate in near proximity. I am especially amazed by the lively sculptures on top of the pinnacles. It looks like the guardian of the cathedral and looking towards the metropolis of Milan.

Without exception, the wall and door of the cathedral is decorated with absolutely stunning carving and artwork. Such sleight of hand masterpiece. You must not miss the interior of this majestic cathedral as well. It’s definitely an enjoyment to admire the beautiful interior of this cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral at Paris, France

Walking around the cathedral, you will definitely be amazed in admiring this majestic cathedral. It’s quite a sizable cathedral and every corner of this building will seize your attention. Take your time to explore around the exterior of this cathedral while enjoying the bonding moment between you and the cathedral.

The very unique Gargoyles design on top of the lookout point will certainly amazed you. The function of this uniquely fabricated Gargoyles is to allow rain waters to be disposed from its roof. There are also plenty of sculptures on top of the roof, illustrating the creative side of this cathedral.

It’s definitively worthwhile to climb to the top of the tower to admire the romantic Paris city view. You will need to climb up via a spiral staircase like most of the cathedral tower accessibility method. Exercise a bit to claim the reward awaiting you on the top. Simply priceless!

St. Peter’s Basilica at Vatican City

St. Peter’s Basilica is the world’s largest cathedral according to some pundit’s research. Similar to its world famous Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel, the cathedral ceiling and wall is elegantly embellished with high Renaissance art and golden glittering frame. I must said this is one of the grandest cathedral in the world!

It’s most majestic dome, named as Cupola di San Pietro is accessible from the inside to the outside to admire the spectacular Vatican City view. Another pleasant surprise is you can find an interesting souvenir shop next to this gigantic dome exterior! Shopping at the roof, such a pleasure!

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia at Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous landmark in Barcelona. Your trip to Barcelona is incomplete without visiting this majestic masterpiece of Gaudi. This Basilica is still building in progress although it has been started more than 100 years ago. Absolutely amazing!

I admit its external facade is less colorful than other cathedral. However, its interior design is amazing with colorful glass window. This has enable the sunlight penetration. It creates a natural ambient that is in harmony with its grandiose interior.

I especially like its pillar design. It’s like a well grown tree with branches to support its roof. The tree alike pillar is very tall and created a very spacious feeling within the basilica.

There are only eight out of the total of eighteen towers are completed til date. Four on the Nativity facade and the other four on the Passion facade. I have chosen to visit the tower on Nativity facade. It’s because of its ability to provide you a better city view of Barcelona.