Tower Bridge at London with its hidden secret

London Tower Bridge feature image

Tower bridge in London is indisputably one of the most famous landmark representing England. It’s a functional retractable bridge to allow rivers traffic passing through upon raising its leaves. A very interesting engineering masterpiece.

The Lookout point

You can access to the top side of the bridge for an interesting lookout over the River Thames. You can admire the unique modern architecture at both sides of the river banks. The local Londoner like to coin these buildings with unique name such as the walkie talkie, the cheese grinder, etc. Very creative!

Another highlight of this visitor center is the transparent glass for you to step on it to test your bravado! I did step on partial of this glass while taking the below photo. Just for fun! All the people and car underneath this bridge has been shrunk to miniature.

Revealing the hidden secret

Here comes the hidden secret part! It’s not a big agenda that can be the cover story of today’s newspaper but definitely something interesting. Well, it’s the engine room that is responsible to lift up the leaves of the bridge for river traffic management.

I am surprised by this engine room because it’s maintained in tip top condition. Very clean and neat to prioritize visitor comfort. The tools in the room is being painted with vivid color to enhance its attractiveness. You can take a look at the photos below for these colorful tools.

I am satisfied with this tower bridge visit because the hidden secret surprised me. I am also happy with the city view offered by this lookout point to admire London modern architectures in such close proximity. It’s definitely a worthy fun trip for me!