Traditional Chinese New Year decoration at The Gardens Mall

Chinese New Year is the biggest festive season for Chinese everywhere! As a multi racial nation, Malaysia shopping mall is investing in lavish decoration to ignite the joyous atmosphere. With these festive decoration, crowds of shoppers are motivated to visit the mall and spend their money, either wisely or insanely!

This year, I would like to talk about one of the famous shopping mall in Klang valley, The Gardens Mall. I am impressed by the beautiful decoration revitalizing the Chinese heritage spirit. One can easily refresh his/her memory in their childhood when visiting all these decoration booth. It’s located at the main aisle of the shopping mall and you can easily spot it.


What’s so exciting about this?

Here’s the sneak peak of the beautiful decoration booth for your viewing pleasure!

These beautiful booth on display are decorated with beautiful flowers, lantern (tang lung in Cantonese), traditional Chinese pulled rickshaw, barber shop setting in those good old days, traditional water bottle and many more.

I especially like the traditional water bottle with vintage artwork cover. It comes with dozens on the rack! It really brings back my childhood memory, whereby everyone is elated during Chinese new year celebration.

What’s your favorite decoration item?

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There are two short video clips made from a free apps as below if you prefer a moving gallery. It’s not a high quality video production with attribution tag to the free apps. You can easily install it on your smart phone and start experimenting some short video for fun too!


I strongly encourage you to visit the mall and embrace yourself in this joyous atmosphere.

Last but not least, i would like to wish everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2018 in advance!

Have a prosperous year ahead!