Unforgettable Hot air balloon adventure in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is famous with the hot air balloon riding. It’s consider one of the best venue for this exciting adventure due to the surreal terrain scenery in the region. It can make you in awe and becoming one of your best experience in life! The intriguing rock and structural formation of the terrain is astounding, and it provides you with an unforgettable experience while you are admiring the wonder of nature from the hot air balloon, with more than one hundred of it flying in the sky┬ásimultaneously!

Preparing to take off

You will need to come on site at around 5 a.m. in the morning in order to catch the sunrise experience of the hot air balloon ride. Giving you another highlight of this experience. The hot air balloon inflating process is adrenaline rushing. Imagine more than one hundred of hot air balloon are being inflated simultaneously and the atmosphere with all these eagerly waiting passengers are just viscerally motivating! You can’t wait to get to fly with it!

Inflating the hot air balloon


The firing chamber of the hot air balloon


We are ready to rise up into the sky!


You can also view the video below showcasing the exciting hot air balloon inflation moment!

Flying in the sky

The raising up experience is indeed palpable, and you are incapable of regulating your heartbeat at normal rate. Everyone is as excited as a new born child experiencing a new encounter. If you pay close attention to the photo, you will notice some hot air balloon look significantly brighter than the others. This is because the pilot is firing up the balloon intermittently to maintain the temperature of the hot air contained within the balloon or the pilot wants it to fly higher with hotter air!


All of the hot air balloon rising up simultaneously


Can you imagine the breathtaking scenery?


To enhance your imagination capability, you may view the video below illustrating the breathtaking scenery filled with more than one hundred balloons flying simultaneously. Simply amazing!


An interesting point of this flying experience is the balloon is actually flowing in the direction of the wind. The pilot doesn’t have a steering equipment to maneuver the balloon movement direction. Hence, you might be surprised of what will comes to you spontaneously.


The landing experience

Upon flying for about an hour in the sky with splendid observation pleasure, it’s time to land. It’s a kind of experience to land because you will need to embrace a landing position as per the pilot’s instruction to minimize the landing impact. Also, as a safety measure to all.

Preparing to land


Touching the ground


Welcoming the landed balloon

If you pay closer attention, there is a car welcoming the landing balloon because that car will be the equipment to keep the deflated and subsequently folded balloon. Each car will only be responsible for one balloon due to its passenger carrier size constraint.

Here comes that last video showing you the landing scene with all these balloons started/already touching the ground upon successful landing.


The Epilogue

In view of the successful landing, we are celebrating this unforgettable journey with champagne to close the chapter wonderfully!

Celebrating the successful landing!


I believe these photos and videos has done its part to provide you a depiction of this at least once in a life time experience that worth your invested pennies!