Vatican City, the almighty city in Europe

Vatican City, such a glamorous name for an almighty city in Europe. It’s is surrounded by Italy, one of the very unique position as a country by itself. It’s self governed with the largest cathedral in the world. The Pope stays here too! I am amazed by the magnificence of this city. Let me tour you around the majestic icon in Vatican City!

Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel

This is the most famous museum in Vatican City and you must come here or your trip is considered incomplete! This museum contains many artifact and monument rich in historical value. Be prepared to get your neck strained because you are going to look up to the ceilings to admire its astonishing paintings.

Of course, when your neck got tired, try to admire the wall painting as an alternative. It looks absolutely stunning too with such vividly painted drawing. I must say this is incomparable to any other places elsewhere.

You must end your visit at Sistine Chapel to admire its ceiling, painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. It’s a cornerstone work of High Renaissance art. Unfortunately, photo taking is not permitted during my visit. If not i would definitely share this impressive masterpiece with you.

Well, here’s the hook to get you fly to Vatican City to discover this hidden treasure yourself!

Cupola di San Pietro, St. Peter’s Basilica

Don’t be confused by the name. Cupola is the dome of St. Peter’s Basicila, world’s largest cathedral according to some pundit’s research. Similar to the museum, the cathedral ceiling and wall is elegantly embellished with high Renaissance art and golden glittering frame. I must said this is one of the grandest cathedral in the world!

You can do an interesting experiment while you are standing at the corridor of this dome. Due to the large dome circumference in this spherical design, one can whisper to the wall and the sound will travel back to you at the other side. Sounds interesting right? Another hook to get you fly to Vatican City to experience this yourself!

Upon witnessing the majestic interior of Cupola di San Pietro, i am going to bring you to the exterior of the dome. From there, you are able to admire the spectacular city view of Vatican City at its large roof area.

Another pleasant surprise is you can find an interesting souvenir shop next to this gigantic dome! Shopping at the roof, such a pleasure!

Vatican City view

Here comes another exciting part of the story! You are able to enjoy the stupendous Vatican City view here. I am utterly flabbergasted by the view and especially attracted by the design of St. Peter’s Square with its Vatican Obelisk at the center of the square. It’s like the center of gravity emitting invisible force field luring the flocks of visitors to this city!

Are you thoroughly amazed by this magnificent Vatican City? Assisted by the hooks explained in this article, you should be moved to visit Vatican City soonest possible! Enjoy your next visit!