Venice, the most romantic waterway city of Italy

Venice, famous for its romantic waterways and it’s definitely a must visit destination in Italy. It’s a beautiful city connected by more than 100 small islands via canal and waterway. It’s hard to imagine this place without a visit and it will definitely open your eyes on its uniqueness.

The canal and waterway of Venice

It’s practically no road for car on this romantic city. All transportation are feasible via boat, cruise or any other ship, you name it. I must say it’s a extremely rare city with this kind of setting. Amidst its unique proposition, there is far more to be discovered in this lovely city! Look at the photos below, could you not fall in love with Venice?

The Gondola ride

Gondola is the beautifully decorated boat as you see in some of the photos above. You can spend some time touring this city on your preferred Gondola. I found a place with a special Gondola boarding station as shown below. Perhaps this could be a little adventurous hunting challenge for you!

St. Mark’s Square

One must visit St. Mark’s Square when you are in Venice. It’s the busiest place in Venice with plethora of restaurant choices, bustling crowd watching, souvenir shopping, whatever you name it. There is a cathedral and a tall bell tower named campanile for you to observe the breathtaking city view of Venice from the top.

The breathtaking city view of Venice

The journey up to campanile bell tower is effortless via the elevator. I am utterly flabbergasted by the spectacular view of Venice, intertwined with its complex canal and waterway system. The beautiful architecture constructed on all these islands juxtaposed a stupendous view, never seen elsewhere!

Venice souvenir

I am completely amazed by the choices of souvenir available in Venice. You will be spoiled by the choices! Masquerade, puppet, poster, magnet fridge, cup, you name it. Let me show you some example of the souvenirs available in Venice. Perhaps your eye already fixed on some of your liking?

Hunt for the unique charm of Venice

There are so much Venice can offers, and i am sure it will exceed your expectation. You can hunt for its unique charm hidden along any street you are exploring. I had bumped into one unique iron sign that i would like to share with you. Let me know if you happen to bump into it during your next trip too!

I am sure this article successfully impressed you on the beauty of Venice. I think this is the only one place you must visit in Italy without any exception!