My virgin solo trip to Europe city distances 10,440 km away!

It’s a taunting experience traveling to a foreign country/city distances more than 10,000 km away from home country. Especially when one is doing this alone without any knowledge on the destination.

I am glad that i made it because it established a new milestone in my life. It motivated me to chase and seek what i truly desire in my life, namely to visit as many countries as possible in my life!


Planning the trip

It’s a challenging experience to plan a trip especially for the first timer. I wholeheartedly understand the situation and the sweats and tears come along with this (maybe i am exaggerated in expressing my emotions)!

I started my planning with below steps:

  1. Duration of travelling
  2. Destination countries/cities
  3. Air ticket purchase
  4. Hotel booking
  5. Itinerary
  6. Popular destination entrance ticket online purchase
  7. Expenses budgeting


Step 1: Duration of travelling

First and foremost, it’s extremely critical to understand how may days you can allot for your travel. This is especially important for employed personnel because you don’t want to be caught in a situation whereby your boss disapprove your leave application!

Communicate with your superior and ensure you are allowed to take long leave for your travelling. I am glad i did this during my career cooling period upon my resignation from my previous job. And i had my first trip to Europe with half a month duration. Not bad right?

Generally, 1.5 -2 weeks duration is an average travel duration needed for travelling in Europe.


Step 2: Destination countries/cities

This is another important steps because you need to know which countries/cities you want to visit. Prioritize your favorite list of countries/cities to complete this steps. If you are not too sure on which country to visit first, go with your heart and feeling when you are browsing through the destination articles.

My first visited city in Europe is Paris, France due to the popular Eiffel Tower!


Step 3: Air ticket purchase

There are plenty of airline operator for your selection. I had tried both KLM and Emirates flight and i found Emirates flight is more comfortable. Try to secure Airbus A380 airplane because it’s a larger and provide more spacious environment inside the airplane.

The departure and arrival date acts as the major gate keeper for your subsequent steps. I am compelled to purchase this important air ticket prior to the subsequent steps planning.


Step 4: Hotel booking

This is another crucial steps to book the appropriate hotel according to your budget. I preferred to do a thorough research on the hotel review, price and location before confirming the hotel. You can read my article regarding how to search, select and secure the best deal hotel to understand its mechanics.

Everyone have their own preference when comes to hotel booking. For me, the top priority would be its accessibility consideration. It must be near to the public transport station, e.g. train/bus station for easy connectivity. If you don’t mind to spend the extra dollars, you can opt for the luxury hotel.


Step 5: Itinerary

Here comes another tough part of the planning.  But it’s one of the most exciting part for me! Being a solo traveler, you have absolute power and control over your itinerary. You can stay longer at your favorite destination and vice versa.

I must give credit to Google maps because it helps tremendously on my itinerary planning. You can read my article regarding step by step Google maps guide to plan your vacation on how to harness the greatness of Google maps to ease your itinerary planning.

Please ensure you plan the most popular/busy spot in the morning because it’s your most energetic moment of the day! Never arrange your itinerary without leaving some buffer in between for unexpected incidents.


Step 6: Popular destination entrance ticket online purchase

I am dedicated this as one single step because it will saves your precious time when you arrive at your destination. Never waste your time queuing to buy entrance ticket on the spot because you could spend hours on it on popular spot, especially the Eiffel Tower!

You can simply type the places of interest on Google and go to its official website to purchase its entrance ticket in advance. The catch point to this is you have to be a good planner and follow your itinerary accordingly.

Depending on its popularity, several online ticket require you to select the date and time of visit.


Step 7: Expenses budgeting

Here comes the dollars and cents part. Be sure you are allotting sufficient resources for your travel.

Generally, a pleasant meal in Europe costs approximately 20 to 30 Euro. You may need to allocate more for better indulgence with wine and desserts. However, there are cheaper cities in Europe with lower expenses and vice versa.

Do not forget on the fund requires for souvenir and impulsive shopping too!



I hope my sharing on my virgin solo trip planning to Europe city distances 10,440 km away inspire you to take action to chase and seek your next milestone in life!

Let me know if i am able to help by leaving your questions and comments and i will try my best to assist.