Visiting the majestic Hungarian Parliament House

Hungary Parliament House

The majestic Hungarian Parliament House is one of Hungarian proudest nation treasure. You will definitely be amazed by the magnitude of this building when you are standing in front. Its marvelous architecture certainly astonish the visitor at its first sight.

This incredible building is embellish with excellent craftsmanship at its interior. You are allow to visit the interior of the Parliament House following a tour guide. Each slot is guided with one language only although several time slot are available. Make sure you select the correct time slot with your preferred language for a pleasant visit.

The highest red dome of this building is the most attractive structure. The hall beneath the red dome are heavily guarded because the holy crown, together with a scepter, orb and sword are kept here. You are granted a precious moment to visit these treasures along the guided tour.

The friendly tour guide will walk you through the history of this Parliament house along the journey. Many interesting facts will be divulged for your knowledge. Inclusive of the disheartening past events happened during the world war II. Another interesting fact is not all marble used in the Parliament house wall is a real.

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During the older days, meeting attendee is allow to smoke in the Parliament house. Hence, they will put their unfinished cigarette in the preferred holding slot and continue with it during the break. Pretty interesting, right?