Most vividly painted palace, Palacio da Pena at Sintra

Pena palace feature image

Am i in wonderland? This is the first question i am asking myself upon seeing this spectacular palace. Never in my life I ever encounter such vividly painted palace. Standing in front of this colorful palace, i felt like i am back to my favorite childhood memory.

Walking up to the palace

Red, yellow, blue, green, you name it and you will finds these color on this palace wall. All these color combination contributed to the uniqueness of this palace and it’s definitely one of its kind. Only available at Sintra. I am sure your kids will like it if you are traveling with the young family members.

Beautiful palace interior

Besides its colorful exterior, there are also interesting interior of this palace available for visit. There are intriguing rooms and halls within the palace for your exploration. Take your time and discover the attraction of this palace at your own pace. No rush!

Palace clock tower

You will not miss the palace clock tower, which is one of the highest tower. It’s prominent and painted in red. You can explore at the large terrace area around the clock tower to snap beautiful photos. You can also admire the abundance of greenery surrounding the palace.

Open space terrace restaurant

There is open space terrace restaurant for you to dine with a stunning view. Imagine yourself enjoying your favorite dish and drink at such lovely environment. What a wonderful world?

Sintra is also blessed with cooler weather, you will definitely have a great time here! What are you waiting for? Please plan your next trip to Sintra Pena palace!