Zaanse Schans windmill area leisure day

Windmill is Netherlands worlds’s famous heritage. It’s a mechanical structure with a big fan to harness the energy from wind. It’s an interesting piece of equipment that is still functioning nowadays. Zaanse Schans is the best area to discover this amazing windmill. You will loves the tranquility of this place too!

The tranquility

Upon stopping at the train station, you need to walk a little bit to reach the windmill area. During your walk, you will pass through a serene place that will calm your mind and rejuvenate your soul. Very quiet neighborhood and a good relaxing walk for sure.

The windmill area

Here comes the exciting part of the story. The windmill area! I am sure you will be excited to see so many windmill intersperse around the lake. Some is huge while some is smaller. All of these windmills are definitely attention seeking with its gigantic rotating fan blades due to the strong wind.

You might be wondering, how does the windmill look with its rotating fan blades in action? Don’t worry, you are going to discover this interesting scene with the video attached below.

Enjoying the view from the windmill terrace

This is a must visit windmill station because you will get very close to the rotating fan blades. It’s so huge and the view from the terrace is absolutely amazing! Look for this windmill station in the picture and you will enjoy the terrace!

Visiting the windmill from the inside out

As promised, i am going to show you the real windmill in action! One of the huge windmill station is open for visiting for the exciting visitor to discover the hidden secrets inside of the windmill. Sounds very interesting right? Wait no more! I am going to show you what it looks like inside the windmill. Lots of gears for sure!

To really appreciate how this piece of equipment functions, you will need to see these amazing gears in action as below video. I am very amazed by this piece of equipment. Not sure does it amazes you as well?

And here comes the video of the windmill in action with its rotating fan blades. Absolutely wonderful scene around the lake!

Relaxing on the cruise

There is a cruise service for you to admire the windmill from the lake. It will take you from one side of the lake to the opposite shore and comes back again as a round trip. I did enjoy this relaxing cruise, probably you should try this too.

The famous clogs exhibition center

Do not forget to visits the clogs exhibition center whereby the shop is offering plenty of interesting facts and figures about this world’s famous clogs in Netherlands. And i think you will not miss this place due to the giant clogs displayed in front of the shop!

I am absolutely satisfied with this visit because it offers so much unexpected surprises and it’s definitely a wonderful place to spend your day!